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This page is about the young people in Sayville, and their shows about the town.

     Growing up in Sayville in the years ago was like being with legends like King Arthur in the middle ages or Achilles by Homer. The stories of King Arthur and Homer are ultra-exaggerations of real people. Over the centuries the kernel of truth grew into tall tales as the stories were retold. Melissa Joan Hart, who made a show called Sabrina the Teenage witch about a school based on her experiences in Sayville, has been copied and recopied again and again, becoming legends. The same happening with the cartoonist. Their  experiences as children would be the fertile ground for their imaginations. This web site explores the very true source of these stories in the movies and on TV. Sabrina the Teenage Witch and certain shows on the Cartoon Networks are examples. In addition, Sayville was part of the composite for fictional Amity Island in Jaws.

New - Just Added

Hardy Boys- Setting of the Hardy Boys books and television shows is Bayport and surrounding area. Oct. 15, 2005

Brer Rabbit - Original "Song of the South" written by Robert Roosevelt of Sayville. Jan. 15, 2005.

Andy Warhol - Films movie about gay gigolos that take the ferry from Sayville to Fire Island. Jan 11, 2005

Tristan - Lesbian author from Sayville writes and make movies about anal sex and bondage!  Jan. 6, 2005

Jim Jones - Maniac gets blueprint for Jonestown from Sayville. Dec. 28th

School Shootings - School shootings craze of the 90s set off in Sayville! Dec. 10th

Breast Cancer - Cancer rates huge problem in Sayville.  Oct. 21st

Rapist! - Football player from Sayville convicted of forcibly sodomizing a fellow student on the sports field. Sept. 17th.

Sayville Flower - Purple & Gold lily flower named after Sayville - August 21st

Actress Anne Sayre - TV star from Sayville - July 10th.

"Bury the Past" - New horror novel about a school and ghosts in Sayville - July 9th.

George Washington - The president visits Sayville, and the Ketchums of Amityville - July 4th.

The Vandals - A group a heroes that fought an unfair system - July 1st

"The Interpreter" Movie - Starring Nicole Kidman - Inspired by the suicide of Sayville resident Michael Holton. May 28, 2004

Zapped Movie -Did the makers of the Zapped movie take the idea from a Sayville author? April 25th

Presidente Somoza - Evil Nicaraguan dictator learns cruelty when a child. - April 10, 2004

Gay Sayville - The origin of lavender- March 14

Prostitution History in Sayville - March 1st, 2004

Pirates in Sayville - Is any of Captain Kidd's treasure buried in Sayville? - Feb. 22nd

Sayville and the Mafia - February 10th

Clamming - February 5th



The Sayville Novel

Stories about a group a nice, highly intelligent kids that get involved in vandalism, drink, and moon the National Honor Society Banquet. The really nice, highly intelligent kids are not liked by the mean kids. One story called "They're All Named Mary" is about a boy that kissed a ghost of a dead girl!

Serena Martin - Killed a cheerleader in a demonic ceremony!

Sarah Michelle Geller - Sayville's invisible student!   (TVs Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

A Survivor's Story- Sayville Schools: "13 Years in Hell !"

Hogwarts! - R. K. Rowling gets ideas for Harry Potter from Sayville via Sabrina!

Others- Teen Witch by Ravenwolf, Actress Anne Sayre, Freaks and Geeks TV Show.

PowerPuff Girls - Compare their school to the school of the cartoonist!

Paranormal Rumors - Urban Legends of demons and ghosts in Sayville!

Witch Trial!  Sayville Founded by Witch Hunting Family!

History of the Village - From the Indians to today.

COMPLETE LIST - Jaws, Reza Murder, Foreign Spies, Witch Trial, Roosevelts, Death by Hazing, and More!

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Sayville history and the history of Sayville. Sayville Football info about Sayville fire department. THere is importan info about the Sayville Rotary Club, Sunrise Drive Elementary and the Cherry Avenue Elementary School , and Lincoln Ave. Elementary School which is part of the school district and Public Schools. The community Sayville ambulance , ferry, Fire Island and Sayville little league , Sayville Players , Sayville Chamber of Commerce , church and churches are all impotant parts of the town. ST. ANN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH , SAINT LAWRENCE the MARTYR Roman Catholic Church are very popular on Sundays. The historical Sayville downtown north of Sayville beach can be seen on sayville.com. Sayville baseball and West Sayville Fire Department and the Pilot Club of Sayville parade info. All about bay and the San Souci lake, lotus lake and Mill Pond by Cow Pond and info about Brown's River.  Info about Sayville novel with Marlon Brando on Main St. The Main Street downtown shopping area is area.. Montauk Hwy is in . The Sayville movies and Sayville movie theatre or theater? Lots of real estate agents with home and homes with a real estate agent. Visit Sailor's Haven with Sayville Pizza. Sal's pizza in Sayville NY. Sayville New York with Baymen Soccer Club. The Greater Sayville Food Pantry and Pilot Club of Sayville are important. Baseball and the Sayville Garden Club and wrestling in Bayport and Sachem, and Oakdale. The West Sayville Civic Association and the West Sayville Drum and Bugle Corps are popular. Info about Cub Scouts.  Info about Sayville library. Info about  Long Island Maritime Museum and the Roosevelt Estate by the Greene House and the Sayville Historical Society. Suffolk Seagulls will visit the PRINCE OF PEACE REGIONAL SCHOOL in the Sayville Board of Education with controls the school district. Sayville Teacher's Association assoc. is demanding pay raises again from the Sayville public schools. Vandals and a vandal are committing vandalism in the area. The recent murder occurred near the beach. Crime at Lincoln Avenue Elementary School and the Sayville high school  and the Sayville Middle School was the Junior High School that talked about clamming. Clams and clam digging with shellfish available at restaurants.  Eileen Stevens has an anit-haazing organizaion that fights hazing. West Sayville Christian School info with stuff about clammers ferries. The ferry schedule Sayville ferry service. Attention clamdigging clams and clam info about Summerfest. Sayville train station schedule is here. Fishing boats and charters at docks far from Sunvet Mall with lesbians and gay fags in Gayville and queers, speech by Tom Hroncich about Out in Sayville Ford near the Bunk House at Island Hills Golf and Country Club near Meadow Croft. The Former John E. Roosevelt Estate and the Sayville Marina are at the Park at Port 'O Call. Islip Grange, info about  Broadway Park and John Edwards with Matthew Edwards and the Edwards Homestead. William Nicoll info. Secatogue Indian at a church and the churches. Synagogues. Info about  Sayville high school reunion information and Sayville map. 20th theatre info about  Cherry Grove and Pines info about  Sayville. Barrett Beach will be open. The public library is downtown with books about movie stars and TV famous people and the West Sayville Post Office. The Grasslands Preserve and Gillette Park and unpopular kids. There are witch and witches there, with ghosts and supernatural events in the village. Witchcraft is practiced at Lotus Lake and Mill Pond has ducks near Montauk and Sunrise, not far from the Green River. Clamming industry with clam diggers along Brown's River in Sayville information and more on Sayville and even more on Sayville. Bayman Soccer Club location. The Golf Club has a business directory. Father Devine had a church there. Sayville information here with more about Sayville. Suffolk County News is your news source about the track and softball team.  Actress Anne Sayre early life. Water taxi is available, times. The cheerleading squad of the football team cheered and made a cheer for the high school. The cheerleaders picked the top cheerleader as the captain. The team was the Golden Flashes. Ford and the bowling ally north of town. d . t  c . c Mystery and mysteries of the newspaper. Newspapers of the village and Long Island. Raised in the village and grew up there. Her hometown of her childhood. Memories of years past.


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